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The new Nokia Tej -service in India...

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Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 22:01:43 +0200
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The new Nokia Tej -service in India

I'll like to share with you the new project done by Nokia
in India to stimulate businesses with mobile phones.
This Tej -project has good results.

Here is the top-level-summary on Tej:

Service description 

Nokia Tej is a mobile order management service that makes communication-intensive business processes more efficient. The service enables you to access order and related information via mobile phone or computer. Thus, you can reduce the amount of paper work and improve the flow of communication within your business network.

Hosted Service

You can trust that your business data is always protected and you and your defined partners within your business network can access all relevant data safely at all times, even when you need to change your mobile phone or computer. 

Invite your partners

The invitation functionality is what really makes Nokia Tej special. Defining the business network is easy. You start by inviting your first level partners, who then invite second level partners to the network. And once you have added your product information, your business partners can use it to place orders. 

The invitation functionality also effectively turns Nokia Tej into a directory service, offering access to new business partners and potentially new business.

And attached is the PowerPoint 17 slides presentation of Nokia Tej.

Br. Lauri

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