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Re: Cultural Heritage Data

From: Dominic Oldman <DOLDMAN@thebritishmuseum.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 09:55:53 +0100
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Thanks Antoine.


I understand the need to be careful. The email was a bit of a whim at
the end of the day. However, I would argue that we are not an isolated
node we have simply used ontology has the linking method and we have a
very high level of linkage (or harmonisation) with our partners who have
used the same mapping system. I guess I could argue a little arrow to
and from any CRM implementation without me inserting say some sameas
triples (although, of course, I have no problem with this). Indeed our
aim to create an environment for exploration across different object
types, periods and cultures , not tie it down to pre-configured


Can you tell me the address of the LOD-LAM list?




PS. We should be moving off our very limited Endpoint soon and providing
a more robust production Endpoint with fewer limitations in the near
future (with images).



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