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Re: W3C Library Linked Data Group final report into Spanish

From: Tomas Saorin (Universidad de Murcia) <tsp@um.es>
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 17:23:45 +0200
Message-ID: <CA+KCfg6C3+7XCmx8Q3WGVguyjoS5EPozS04FoR5UogjAq5jW9w@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-lld@w3.org
Great idea Xavier!

If you need some help, we are also interested, and perhaps it could be
adressed as an electronic publication, open access,  of any of the
professional associations (Fed. Anabad, Fesabid, etc.) or any other kind of

The report contains three different documents, so it could be easy working
in three different groups, trying to agree on translation of key terms.

Maybe some kind of wiki translation as a work in progress, and don't have to
wait  a long time until a totally accurate work is done and formally

Is there any other group interested?

Tomás Saorín and Juan Antonio Pastor
Grupo de investigación en tecnologías de la información. Universidad de
tsp@um.es / pastor@um.es

2011/10/27 Xavier Agenjo <xavier.agenjo@larramendi.es>

> Dear all
> First at all, let me congratulate the LLD Incubator Group for the good work
> done and the publication of the Final Report. In fact, I think the Report is
> so important that it is worth to translate it to Spanish. I have consulted
> somebody of the Group and have advised me to address to the list to inform
> of our interest in translating the Report into Spanish. I would do with
> Francisca Hernandez on a personal basis.
> In our opinion Linked Open Data will have, must have, a great influence on
> the work of LAM, but it is not an easy matter and for many professionals
> would be a great help to have important documents such as the Final Report
> in their own language. Undoubtedly, it help to spread the knowledge and use
> of LOD.
> This message is also to seek the cooperation of any member of the list
> interested in helping with the translation or with the revision.
> We hope your news
> Regards
> Xavier Agenjo Bullón
> Director de Proyectos
> Fundación Ignacio Larramendi
> Claudio Coello, 123, 1º
> 28006 Madrid
> Telf.: (34) 915 81 25 37
> Fax.:  (34) 915 81 47 36
> xavier.agenjo@larramendi.es
> www.larramendi.es
> Certificado ISO 9001.
>  P No imprimir si no es necesario. Protejamos el Medio Ambiente


Tomás Saorín / Profesor asociado / Facultad de Comunicación y
Universidad de Murcia / 868 88 82 32 / tsp@um.es
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