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MINUTES: I18n GEO teleconference 030423

From: Richard Ishida <ishida@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 07:23:07 +0100
To: <public-i18n-geo@w3.org>
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W3C I18n GEO Phone Conference
23 April 2003

Present: Richard (chair, scribe), Russ, Lloyd
Regrets: Phil, Martin, Steve, Tex, Andrew, Suzanne, Peter

New Actions

ACTION: Lloyd, prepare a Q&A pair for review on 19 May.

Prior Action Items

ACTION: RI, prepare a first Q&A pair ready for review on 28 april. 

ACTION: PA, Do some design work with RI's help: link from International
(& GEO) page, template for list of questions, template for answers that
we write ourselves. 

ACTION: RR, prepare a Q&A pair ready for review on 5 May. 

ACTION: MD, prepare a first Q&A pair ready for review on 12 May

ACTION: RI, set up Phil and Suzanne as Invited Experts
In progress - Phil and Suzanne to respond

ACTION: AC to create a list of possibilities for 'non-displayable'

ACTION: Lloyd, send a list of deprecated tags in HTML by next meeting
Moved to back burner

Action: Richard, look at ways of making the document print with a
smaller font, while avoiding any WAI issues.

All: send in pointers to existing guidelines 


Info Share
Russ and Lloyd thought this would be a useful add to the mtg.  The idea
is that people can contribute news or informative titbits about events,
developments, etc that affect our work.  It is information share only -
if processing is needed we should add an agenda item - although of
course clarification questions are allowed.

This week's info:
-	Martin & Richard to speak at W3C track of WWW2003 in Budapest in
May, outlining progress on activities of the i18n Activity
-	Article by Martin on I18N Activity appeared recently in MLC
-	Richard may be speaking at LISA in London?  Needs to discuss
with Mike Anobile.

Review of recent activity

Framework Document [http://www.w3.org/TR/i18n-guide-framework/] was
published to the TR page [http://www.w3.org/TR/].  Some helpful
editorial comments received from Andrea Vine.

Q&A Review

We reviewed the suggested Q&A items in

Do we need to ask permission to point to other people's pages?  DECIDED
we should probably seek endorsement before use.  We should also be
careful to avoid potential bias when pointing to commercial pages.  Note
that Dr International usually asks first, and finds it useful because
they are often warned of pending changes.

We agreed that there might be multiple answers for some questions.

We should probably briefly describe where the reader is going before
they click on a link to an answer.  For example, we may say something
like: "for a general view see xxx, for apache servers see more detailed
information yyy"

We should distinguish between links to stuff generated by the W3C and
other stuff, but not on the grounds of 'authoritativeness' - let the
user decide what is authoritative.  For example, even if we write stuff
ourselves about apache servers, the only really authority here is the
Apache people.  Icons would probably be a good way to make the

It was suggested that we could open a new window for non W3C written

We reviewed each of the proposed questions in the mailnote and agreed
that they were all good candidates.

ACTION: Lloyd, prepare a Q&A pair for review on 19 May.


Next meeting:
Same time, same bridge, next week.

Richard Ishida

tel: +44 1753 480 292
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