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MINUTES: I18n GEO teleconference 030409

From: Richard Ishida <ishida@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 12:43:45 +0100
To: <public-i18n-geo@w3.org>
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W3C I18n GEO Phone Conference
9 April 2003

Present: Richard (chair, scribe), Tex, Russ, Andrew, Phil, Martin,
Regrets: Steve

New Actions

ACTION: RI, set up Phil and Suzanne as Invited Experts

ACTION: RI, check on implementation status of OBJECT tag with Steven

Prior Action Items

ACTION: RI, apply agreed changes to FTF minutes and publish. 

ACTION: AC to create a list of possibilities for 'non-displayable'
Done but needs posting to list

ACTION: Lloyd,send a list of deprecated tags in HTML by next meeting 

ACTION: Russ, follow-up wrt possible new member from Trados
Discussion has taken place - Trados are trying to locate an appropriate

Action: Richard, look at ways of making the document print with a
smaller font, while avoiding any WAI issues.

All: send in pointers to existing guidelines 

Suzanne: put together a list of short term vs. long term goals related
to education and outreach - send it to us for discussion


Review of recent activity

WCAG Techniques group asked that we look at the internationalization
issues surrounding the use of the OBJECT tag in HTML.   Notes from the
Beware of using things like charset or hreflang attributes, if
appropriate, since they may not be updated if the target entity is
text-based and changes.
Need to clarify whether we should recommend the use of OBJECT vs. other
tags like APPLET.
If the entity pointed to is text, how does transcoding happen if it is
We probably need to address different issues according to the usage of
the OBJECT tag.

WCAG is also looking at developing test suites.  There was brief
discussion about whether we should do the same.

Tex, Russ and Andrew promised some material for the near future.

Education & Outreach Discussion

Suzanne went through the page she sent to the list and we discussed the
ideas and brainstormed additional topics.

Notes follow:
Contributions to university courses:
	People might not want to participate because of ownership issues
& competition
	Need statement in the proposal that university can benefit from
	RR would universities see this as too small a niche
	TT need to make the case
	TT a workshop might be useful to solicit information - and
involve people
		flesh out structure with an idea of workshop
		list contents of such a syllabus
		get people to develop it
	RI university courses need a lot of intellectual capital which
we don't currently have
	other alternative approaches - eg. Making things available on
web like WAI

	TT suggests a brokering activity
	could develop syllabus
	ask them what they are trying to accomplish

	ST look for other opportunities to speak to non i18n people 

PA need info on ROI
	need financials

TT MLC would be willing to post status updates
	Martin wrote an article 
TT	touch base with research analysts dealing with i18n
	we are a resource when they need comments on a topical issue -
make the experts available
	could suggest we do something with the IUC

RI 	We need a problem statement for the E&O document to indicate
what we want to achieve & help us prioritise

PA	visitors to w3c site take too long to find what they wanted
	quick code or checklist would be useful
	also could be more attractive - w3c is conservative
	this is a large audience - e-developers
	this is particularly the case for e-developers

ST	invite other sites to get information from W3C
PA	these sites accept guest authors
RI	do want to pull?

PA	run a survey past a demographic group
	what tools, sites do you use? What do you need?

PA 	create a community around i18n issues

RR	how do other groups pull these communities together?
	language institute, client side news, i18n gurus
	how do we make ourselves more successful?

AC	a lot of people don't want to be subject to an involved process
	they need to find information quickly
	we need to make information available

ST	so many things to look at these days
MD	need to choose just a couple of things to do

RI	We should also publicise better what we're already doing
	talks: Unicode, WWW
	papers: Martin's article in Multilingual Computing, Richard's
(upcoming) in RWS newsletter
	we could look at providing an RS Feed
	add things to website news section

	perhaps have a new pages/documents section in addition to the
new events
	possibly a list of topics under discussion in the mail

	we should also announce new documents in MLC

	we should revamp the hints & tips section of the site (and the
look & feel of the site itself)
	and raise its visibility

	we could also look for outlets for knowledge in form of short
articles like the one on charset declarations produced by the
webstandards org
	other how to pages

	offer to review articles for people (in return for a mention)

Next meeting:
Same time, same bridge, next week.
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