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Re: Simplified or traditional for each Chinese macrolanguage

From: 董福興 <bobbytung@wanderer.tw>
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2016 13:25:53 +0800
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To: Koji Ishii <kojiishi@gmail.com>
Cc: CJK discussion <public-i18n-cjk@w3.org>, Xidorn Quan <quanxunzhen@gmail.com>, Makoto Kato <m_kato@ga2.so-net.ne.jp>, 劉慶 <ryukeikun@gmail.com>
Hi Koji,

Yue(粵) follows hk standard that should include HKSCS set around 5,000
glyphs that is already in most TC system fonts.

Min(閩)and Hakka(客家) do not have documented subset for now, still working on
that[1]. But most of the glyphs is T-source, so point to TC.

About Wu(吳), I believe that most users read SC, but some glyphs not
included in PRC standards.

CC Eric Liu for more information.

[1]: http://bobbytung.github.io/TaigiHakkaIdeograph/

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Koji Ishii <kojiishi@gmail.com> 於 2016年7月26日 下午1:04 寫道:


A bug was filed to Blink[1] saying it doesn't pick appropriate fonts for
Yue, Wu, and other Chinese. A similar bug is also found in Gecko for Yue[2]
and Wu[3].

To pick appropriate fonts, browsers need to know whether traditional or
simplified is preferred for the language, and I believe it's the same for

Yue looks easy, all information I looked for says traditional. Wu is a
little harder, but IIUC it looks like the majority is simplified, so
probably the correct thing is to map "wuu" and "zh-wuu" to simplified,
while "wuu-hant" and "zh-hant-wuu" to traditional.

Now, ISO says there are 14 languages in Chinese macrolanguage[4].

Would it be possible to provide a guidance of whether browsers should pick
simplified or traditional for each Chinese macrolanguge?

[1] https://crbug.com/611817
[2] https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=484191
[3] https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1244404
[4] http://www-01.sil.org/iso639-3/documentation.asp?id=zho

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