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Question about origin serialization

From: Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@MIT.EDU>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 10:50:44 -0400
Message-ID: <48DCF6C4.8050205@mit.edu>
To: HTML WG <public-html@w3.org>

Section 5.3 has algorithms for serializing origins which include:

   "If the origin in question is not a scheme/host/port tuple, then
    return the empty string and abort these steps."

This seems suboptimal to me, since it loses information.  Better would 
be to create a serialization of the globally unique identifier if that's 
what the origin is.  The spec need not mandate how this is done, as long 
as the serialization has a good chance of really being globally unique.

Is there a strong reason for the current behavior?

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