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Re: agenda HTML WG 16 Aug: design principles, spec reviews, table headers, XML serialization name, forms TF, ...

From: Ian Hickson <ian@hixie.ch>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 20:59:39 +0000 (UTC)
To: public-html@w3.org
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.64.0708152044570.22575@dhalsim.dreamhost.com>

Possible regrets from me for this meeting, but I have included everything 
I would have said at the meeting below:

On Wed, 15 Aug 2007, Dan Connolly wrote:
>     5. table headers
>        We owe a reply to the [24]6 Jun message from the WAI PF WG. The
>        1st WD of our spec will be an implicit reply; courtesy suggests
>        an explicit reply as well. Suggestions? [25]IssueTableHeaders
>        seems to be the relevant wiki topic.

I can volunteer to send a reply if that is desired. The status is that the 
issue has received much discussion but that the editors have not yet 
reached this topic in their work. The issue will be studied in due course, 
and the WAI PF WG should be reassured that accessibility is considered a 
critical part of HTML's design.

>     6. Name for XHTML serialization
>        As reported by [26]Kosek 21 Jun:
>      RESOLUTION: We agree that the HTML WG should not use the XHTML
>      name to refer to their XML serialization.
>      [27]XHTML 2 WG discussion 20 Jun
>        We owe a reply; the 1st WD of our spec will be an implicit
>        reply; courtesy suggests an explicit reply as well. Suggestions?

I would reply that we propose a truce: neither group request the other 
group to change decisions, whether technical or just about naming. I would 
further suggest that if they disagree, and still want us to change the 
name of the XML serialisation of our language, that we request that they 
change their name to not include the four letters "HTML" in that order, 
and that they rebrand their specification in line with what the W3C said 
it would consider doing in the last HTML press release:

   | With the chartering of the XHTML 2 Working Group, W3C will continue 
   | its technical work on the language at the same time it considers 
   | rebranding the technology to clarify its independence and value in 
   | the marketplace.
    -- http://www.w3.org/2007/03/html-pressrelease

>     7. Forms Taskforce
>        The [28]tasks survey results indicate about 15 people are
>        interested to participate in the joint task force with the Forms
>        WG. The HTML WG chairs and the Forms WG chairs have agreed that
>        each WG will be represened by 3 people in the task force. Once
>        we get our list of 15 down to 3, we can add them to the [29]DBWG
>        group for the task force, which will get them subscribed to the
>        [30]public-forms-tf mailing list.

If people feel I should be on that group, then I volunteer. If it's hard 
to get the list down to three and people don't think I'm necessary on the 
group, then I don't mind not being on the group. Either way.

>     8. face-to-face meeting 8-9 November
>        See [31]announcement. [32]registration closes 19 October. Hotel
>        discount rate expires 3 October.
>        Aside: [33]March 2007 call-for interest results, [34]article on
>        ftf meetings.

Could I suggest that we try to run this meeting in an unconference style? 
That is, we should try to get several dozen participants to attend 
(possibly by having the various companies in the group fund some people to 
attend) and then we should all introduce each other and then split up into 
small groups of 10 people or less and discuss whatever topic we feel is 
interesting for an hour, and we repeat that for the two days of the 
meeting. This would require that we ask the W3C for several smaller rooms 
instead of just the one room (or maybe we can meet in the corridors and in 
the lobbies, it might attract other people and get them involved, which 
would be great).

I think this would be the most productive way to get to know each other 
better, and it would really help with brainstorming.

If this is not accepted as an agenda, then I'd like to request that we 
have a complete agenda by the first of September so that (a) we can decide 
whether it is worth attending before the hotel rate expires and (b) any 
companies who are interested in funding independent participants have 
plenty of time to decide who would be most useful given the agenda and to 
arrange the funding for these people.

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