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Re: Hello world test case

From: Chimezie Ogbuji <ogbujic@bio.ri.ccf.org>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 13:38:37 -0500 (EST)
To: public-grddl-wg <public-grddl-wg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <Pine.GSO.4.60.0611161329220.4624@joplin.bio.ri.ccf.org>

This discussion thread seems to suggest that issue-base-param be resolved 
as soon as possible.  In my opinion there is no reason why it can't be resolved besides there 
not being a concrete test case to drive discussion (and I have an 
outstanding action for this so I will be sure to address it before the 
next telecon).

On Wed, 15 Nov 2006, Ian Davis wrote:

> I've reviewed the first testcase[1] and in my view to make this test case as 
> clear and unambiguous as possible we need to do one of two things:
> (a) change the html document and stylesheets so that the triples produced 
> make no reference to the URI of the html document. This could be achieved by 
> using markup like:

I'm concerned about this mostly because IMHO empty relative URI references 
are a very important pattern for expressing provenance statements 
without having to wrangle with the identifier of the containing document.

The identifier for the containing document is often a URL - possible a 
redirected URL - and thus an intricate part of 
the dereferencing (and processing) *before* the resulting document is 

XML and RDF tools are quite capable of 
handling base URI propagation (and have been 
for some time) and the ability to make provenance statements without 
poluting the syntax with mechanisms best handled by XML and RDF Processor 
is quite critical in my opinion.

> or (b) resolve issue-base-param and modify the stylesheets used in the test 
> case to expect the specified base parameter and output this in the resulting 

I would argue that a *proper* resolution to issue-base-para should not 
require passing the base as a parameter (which I can't help but think of as a hack 
to do what XML and RDF processors are quite capable of doing natively).

But some concrete usecases are in order ...

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