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Re: [cancelation] Re: [agenda] eGov IG Call, 8 July 2009, 13:00Z

From: Jose M. Alonso <josema@w3.org>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 21:36:04 +0200
Cc: eGov IG <public-egov-ig@w3.org>, John Sheridan <John.Sheridan@nationalarchives.gov.uk>, Kevin Novak <kevinnovak@aia.org>, Richard Murphy <richard.murphy@gsa.gov>, George Thomas <george@thomas.name>, Rachel Flagg <rachel.flagg@hud.gov>
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To: Hugh Barnes <Hugh.BARNES@Communities.qld.gov.au>
El 09/07/2009, a las 7:46, Hugh Barnes escribió:
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>> Subject: [cancelation] Re: [agenda] eGov IG Call, 8 July 2009, 13:00Z
>> Group, I regret to do this, specially after sending an agenda but
>> schedule of both Chairs and mine have changed in the last minute and
>> we would not be able to join the call so hereby we are canceling the
>> group call tomorrow. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
>> We might organize an extra group call on Wed next week if the group
>> feels we need it.
> This is/was fine. Can data.gov.* be placed at the beginning of the  
> agenda, so that I can take part?

I haven't heard people requesting an extra group call so we are  
planning to hold next one on the 22nd at the usual time.

>> In my opinion, the most urgent issue right now is the Charter which
>> needs to be fully finished by the end of next week. I would expect
>> more discussion on the mailing list about it.
>> Then, not so urgent, but I'd like to hear opinions on how to move
>> data.gov.* memo forward. I believe we need someone to take
>> ownership,
>> integrate comments, tell the group from time to time by
>> email, foster
>> discussion.
>> Rachel, someone from the ETF? Anybody else? Volunteers?
> If the timeframe you have in mind for this is about a month, I think  
> I am interested.

I think it's not so urgent but I would like to see this done by the  
first week of September.
It's something we could try to present at the O'Reilly events if any  
of us can make it.

> There are a few reasons I'm not so sure:
> * I'm starting a new job at a new place on the 20th of July, so it's  
> (even more) difficult to be certain about my availability. I think  
> it will be fine, though. I'll also be on leave in the last half of  
> August.
> * The paper by TimBL [1] seems to have covered a lot of the same  
> ground. Perhaps the memo needs to be re-focussed. This might chew up  
> some time.
> * My knowledge of RDF is not so deep.
> Are these reservations flimsy?

Thanks for volunteering.

Kevin, John and me and several others within the W3C Team have been  
recently discussing about the need of approach this from two POVs:  
policy people and technical people taking into account social and  
technology aspects.

I wouldn't like this one to go into much technical detail if at all.  
We'll have an OGD TF to deal with those soon. So no need to have deep  
SW knowledge. You might want someone else to take a look though. Maybe  
Rick or George?

I think we need to stay high level and keep it to 1-2 pages, point to  
other relevant resources (TimBL's, upcoming OGD TF) where needed.

I'm also copying Rachel. It might be helpful to have some set of  
requirements like the ones AnneW referred to recently before  
developing any deliverable (target audience, etc.)


>> Given the increasing number of times I'm asked by people from
>> governments wanting to put data online, I really need we need this
>> resource to point them to as a first step and would love to have it
>> done soonish.
> Cheers
> Hugh Barnes
> Resource Discovery Officer
> Disability Services Queensland / Department of Communities
> +61 7 324-74533
> [1] http://www.w3.org/DesignIssues/GovData.html
> "Queensland celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2009. Check out  
> what's on today at www.q150.qld.gov.au."
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