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RE: ETF - help! RE: Updated Data.gov memo

From: Hugh Barnes <Hugh.Barnes@nehta.gov.au>
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 22:42:24 +1000
Message-ID: <AF71EBF47E5747479974EC646B5A3F6134687B@WIC004EBCLV3.exchange.server-login.com>
To: "Flagg, Rachel" <rachel.flagg@hud.gov>
Cc: <public-egov-ig-etf@w3.org>

Rachel wrote on Fri 4/09/2009 5:47 AM:

>Hugh has graciously volunteered to do the HTML work on this doc - so, Hugh, I believe you can >start work on this now...just recognize that the references at the end are still being populated.  >If any of you would like to assist Hugh, reply back to this email & let us know.

Thanks for confirming this, Rachel. It can be hard to be sure exactly what I committed to in those calls (they are too late for me). Will send this to you by the end of my weekend, hopefully. As I understand it, that's within your expectations?

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