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Re: Sys Info network attributes

From: Anssi Kostiainen <anssi.kostiainen@nokia.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2010 09:55:43 +0300
Cc: W3C Device APIs and Policy WG <public-device-apis@w3.org>
Message-Id: <6F3BAC72-E6D6-4256-8871-079D2011D36A@nokia.com>
To: "ext Tran, Dzung D" <dzung.d.tran@intel.com>
On 1.6.2010, at 23.48, ext Tran, Dzung D wrote:

> Hello
> Are you suggesting that we should put mcc and mnc back and make them mandatory? If these are optional, then it seems like APN is sufficient. 

I'm saying one cannot derive mcc and mnc from apn because the latter part (aka the Operator Identifier) containing mcc and mnc bits is optional.

Re putting them back. If the WG thinks those attributes are useful (I gave some use cases for them earlier) we are probably better off creating an add-on spec for those parts not applicable to the open web.

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