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Re: Terminology poll

From: David Chadwick <D.W.Chadwick@kent.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2017 23:00:37 +0100
To: public-credentials@w3.org
Message-ID: <06cf28a8-e444-dc04-7493-05a3f1b041b1@kent.ac.uk>

On 26/06/2017 16:59, Dave Longley wrote:
> A potential problem with claimant is that the entity that actually makes
> the claim is the issuer.

You are misinterpreting the word 'makes' in your sentence above. In the
various dictionary definitions of claimant, 'makes a claim' is used to
denote 'asking for something', not 'manufacturing' or 'producing' a
claim, which is your semantic


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