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RE: Network Information Use Cases

From: Sun, Dan <Dan.Sun@VerizonWireless.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2012 14:52:04 -0400
To: Core Mobile <public-coremob@w3.org>
Message-ID: <E1SnDe1-000188-FR@maggie.w3.org>
Josh wrote:
> > Please refer to SysApps WG Charter [1] about Network Interface API or
> > do I misunderstand it?
> You're referencing a vaporware specification. Core Mob has agreed to
> only reference W3 Specifications that are published (or very close to
> published).
> The Network API that people are talking about is a DAP deliverable
> that's very close to done, not a SysApps Charter potential deliverable
> for a WG that's merely nascent.

Some use cases need both DAP Network Information API (to know the connection type) and SysApps Network Interface API (to know the support and available network types and manage it). That is how Network Interface API came into this thread. But the request is to include Network Information API in CoreMob Level 1.

> > Forget the Adaptive Video Streaming, I was a little hesitate to use
> > that term in the use case too ... The point is Network Information
> > can enable or improve certain implementations. In above use cases, it
> > improves user experience before the real Adaptive streaming API is
> available.
> The video APIs will exist before anything is published by SysApps. So
> you'll need another use case.

DAP Network Information API can help the video playback client to determine the start bitrate/resolution for the video stream and also adapt to underlying network dynamically when the network connection changes, e.g. a lower bitrate feed on 3G whereas a higher bitrate/resolution feed on WiFi.

For security reasons, account provisioning and service authentication only occur on cellular networks where the servers are setup in carrier private networks, not the public wifi.

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