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Re: HOMEWORK: Review Use-Cases & Requirements Doc for Mon

From: Samuel Goldszmidt <samuel.goldszmidt@ircam.fr>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 09:57:43 +0100
Message-ID: <4F38D087.2010005@ircam.fr>
To: public-audio@w3.org
Hello list,

Here are others UC candidates that could be merged with currents UC:

*Collaborative music*
The browser could be used to make music with others, so that people can 
send to other connected clients:
- soundfile
- wave samples
- time synchronization information
- controls elements (MIDI or other streams)
- ...
This could be some kind of an extended user case for the current UC3 and 

*Hypermedia integration/interaction*
The audio file could be master or slave stream for an hypermedia 
Basic requirements here are:
- possibility to synchronize very precisely audio stream and other elements
- possibility to process on the fly audio files (to make, for example, a 
playlist of small chunks/excerpts of an audio file)

*Granular synthesis*
I haven't read for the moment, the possibility for doing granular 
synthesis with the Audio Web API (both Mozilla and Google).
May be I didn't read the good mail ..
This type of synthesis could be added to UC6 ?


Samuel Goldszmidt

Le 11/02/12 16:12, Thierry MICHEL a écrit :
> There are two more UC candidate I was thinking about for musicians.
> The first one is a metronome. Basically it gives the tempo.
> The beat can be changed to different speed intervals (moderato, 
> allegro presto, etc.).
> The accent can also be changed to tempo ( 2, 3 , 4,  etc.)
> The sound can also the changes (drum, bongo, clap, etc;)
> Output of the metronome can be done with visual indicators and 
> auditory means.
> Another UC would be a real-time Tuner for a range of instruments like 
> guitar, flute, saxophone, violin, etc.
> It inputs the sound of the instrument through the mic (or inline for 
> electric instrument) and analyzes the frequency and shows whether your 
> instrument is tuned accurately. This scenario probably involves 
> MediaStream Capture.
> Thierry
> Le 09/02/2012 23:31, Alistair MacDonald a écrit :
>> We discussed creating a list of priorities for the Use-Cases&
>> Requirements during the last telecon.
>> Please take some time to read through the UC&  Reqs. document, as we
>> will be discussing this on Monday.
>> (It took me 21mins to read through at a relaxed pace.)
>> http://www.w3.org/2011/audio/wiki/Use_Cases_and_Requirements
>> If you notice something small that needs fixing, typos, etc... do fix.
>> The UC&  Reqs. document is bulking out quickly, so if you feel the
>> need to add, replace or remove large chunks of text at this stage,
>> (and you have not specifically been tasked to do so), please take
>> notes and bring your ideas to the mailing list for discussion.
>> Thanks!
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