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Re: Use Cases and Requirements document

From: Christoph Martens <christoph@martens.ms>
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:05:34 +0100
Message-ID: <4F0AE61E.4060003@martens.ms>
To: public-audio@w3.org
What comes on my mind for game requirements on audio is mostly:

- Noises that you can overlay. Should be as easy as possible like having
two different audio sprites.

- Multi-Channel 3D environment
Well, in games you definitely need multichannel sound (which is only a
problem on couple implementations nowadays),
but you also require a distance to a sound that automatically influences
the volume, overlays (interruptions with other sounds)
etc. Imagine you could have the same configuration possibilites that you
have for Audio Speaker positions in your sounddriver
environment - but for virtual purposes.

- Native AudioSprite support
Playing back Audio is pain, you will always need a SoundLoop (interval /
timeouts) if you want to use Audio Sprites.
Audio Sprites is the only effective solution for transferring Sound via
the web / http.

I would be pleased if you could take a look at my Jukebox that solves many
playback problems on Audio Sprites:

- Buffering / Caching
Sadly there's no cross-browser implementation regarding buffering. Every
vendor implements it a different way due to missing specs.
It would be nice to have something like AudioNode.onready(123.2, callback)
if the browser is really sure to playback properly.
At the moment, it's only guessing - and no-one likes to guess or listen to
events that don't fire properly across all implementations.

Cheers from Germany,
Christoph (from Zynga Inc.)
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