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Re: [AR Standards Discussion] The Augmented Web

From: Blair MacIntyre <blair@cc.gatech.edu>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 05:43:10 -0700
Message-Id: <9FA18E1B-2F11-46F9-A1CA-005FBBDEDDB0@cc.gatech.edu>
To: discussion@arstandards.org, public-ar@w3.org
> It's actually interesting to see that both you and us have worked on very similar ideas over the past few months, and I'm curious how many other institutions are working on AR @ the web at the same time currently.

Really, Martin?  We've been talking about how the v2 of Argon is more web-centric, with the architecture of Argon and Argon.js explicitly split  on the OGC phone calls with you and in other meetings, and Hafez talked about it at ARE last week (i.e., Argon.js is the JS framework that runs on any browser based on the capabilities of the browser, Argon is a AR-enabled web browser that happens to provide extra functionality leveraged by Argon.js).     It's odd that you haven't noticed. ;)

Heck, we've been talking about how this is the way to go since we started the Argon project 2.5 years ago (every talk I've given on Argon has mentioned how, eventually, Argon-the-browser will go away and Argon-the-software will just run inside a normal web browser).  

It's great to see other folks finally heading in this direction, too, since it's clearly the right thing to do.   In the end, the question is all in the specific functionality and approach.  And the capabilities of the browsers.  I'll be interested to see the details of both of these systems.   

I'm glad you'll be open-sourcing your stuff, too, Rob.  Perhaps there will be ways to combine efforts.

Anyway, gotta run and catch a plane!
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