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Re: [AR Standards Discussion] The Augmented Web

From: Martin Lechner <martin.lechner@wikitude.com>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 15:18:40 +0200
Message-ID: <4FB64C30.9050000@wikitude.com>
To: discussion@arstandards.org, public-ar@w3.org

> Really, Martin? We've been talking about how the v2 of Argon is more 
> web-centric, with the architecture of Argon and Argon.js explicitly 
> split on the OGC phone calls with you and in other meetings, and Hafez 
> talked about it at ARE last week (i.e., Argon.js is the JS framework 
> that runs on any browser based on the capabilities of the browser, 
> Argon is a AR-enabled web browser that happens to provide extra 
> functionality leveraged by Argon.js). It's odd that you haven't 
> noticed. ;) 

:-) I know you've been working on that (and not just because Hafez and 
myself synced up before our ARE 2012 talks to talk about AR @ the web :-) ).
Pardon me that I didn't list the institutions that I know are working on 
bringing AR to the web (and I know it's not only you, Rob and us ;-) ) - 
it was a response to Rob saying that we've been working on similar 
things, not a fully list of people working on it ;-) Just to get that right.

Anyways, apart from that, fully agree, it's THE way to go forward for AR 
- it's about users not having to think about AR, it's about AR coming to 
the users when being used in webpages. After all, that's essentially 
what we're looking for, and what can make the transition of AR being 
just a technology (which it still is) to AR being used by the masses.

Enjoy your plane ride, Blair ;-)

- - -
Martin Lechner

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