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discussion draft for Montreal IETF

From: Win Treese <treese@openmarket.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 00:13:36 -0400
Message-Id: <>
To: ietf-tls@w3.org

In addition to the SSH specification draft, we have a draft describing
TLS, based on SSL version 3.0 with some modifications, thanks to
Paul Kocher, Phil Karlton, and a few other folks.

The drafts are available in:

        PostScript: ftp://ftp.openmarket.com/pub/misc/ietf-tls/postscript
        MSWord:   ftp://ftp.openmarket.com/pub/misc/ietf-tls/doc

Text will be available shortly.

My apologies for the short time to read the draft, but I think it is the
best basis for discussion next week, and I look forward to a
productive meeting.

        - Win Treese
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