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Re: Interoperability Event

From: Turner Rentz, III <treyr@atr.net>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 12:23:56 -0400
Message-Id: <3406F79C.4AA2@atr.net>
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(Interoperability event)

>   Goals:
>     I'd like to see a list of demonstration goals; probably the MUST
>     and SHOULD list from HTTP/1.1 would be a good starting point,

I agree.

>     which means that there would be more than one set of goals:

  origin servers -- Compatibility, thread management and memory usage
  proxies        -- Compatibility, tendency to kill pipeline
  browsers       -- User Agent testing scripts, cache behaviour, speed

>   Non-Goals:
>     I'd also like to see some ground rules for things we agree _not_
>     to do so that we keep the message positive and simple enough for
>     our friends in the media to get right.

>     This is about HTTP/1.1, so demonstrations of integration with
>     mail, ftp, video streaming and other non-HTTP operations should be
>     out of bounds (or at least clearly separate from the HTTP
>     demonstrations).

Also, we should keep-away from virtual protocols (RSVP over IP)
and network bandwidth reservation.

>     This is not about making other vendors look bad; it is about
>     making the protocol look good.  

"It's better to look good than to feel good." -- Fernando :) :)

>     To the extent that there needs to
>     be any final statement from the event organization, it should come
>     from neutral third parties (perhaps we could recruit some
>     interested academics who are not connected to any vendor?).


>   I've copied this to the W3C http list just to pick up any interested
>   parties there; perhaps this could actually be done under thier
>   auspices?
>   Thoughts?

My feelings here are that this is a LINUX like activity: This should be
done over the net, and immediately -- let's create a list
of servers, their download locations and installation notes,
-- Let's move this to a different list (or create another list)

Open items:

1. A definitive list of the available for download HTTP 1.1 compliant
servers (IIS4, Apache, Jigsaw, etc.)

2. HTTP 1.1 compliant browsers (communicator, ie, etc.) list
and download sites.

3. Participating webmasters list

4. Hardware inventory for the servers from (3)

Once this is in place, we can draft up a testing plan.
I can set up a couple of servers for this to handle 
a list as soon as (or if) we hit consensus.

Who's for an HTTP 1.1 free pizza and stone soup party?


Turner Rentz, III
Advanced Technology and Research, Inc.
Received on Friday, 29 August 1997 09:27:41 UTC

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