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From: Klaus Weide <kweide@tezcat.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 12:50:22 -0500 (CDT)
To: John Franks <john@math.nwu.edu>
Cc: HTTP Working Group <http-wg%cuckoo.hpl.hp.com@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
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On Sun, 10 Aug 1997, John Franks wrote:

> I stand corrected.  There does exist at least a hypothetical example
> where the "capability semantics" of the version header can be of use.
> The functionality seems very limited given the problems it has caused
> and the existence of an OPTIONS header which might be better suited for
> the purpose, but at least this semantics is not intrinsically  useless.
> Perhaps it would be helpful to have a sentence in the specification
> saying "The capability semantics of the response version header is
> intended (solely?) for the benefit of clients which wish to implement
> certain features not compatible with the HTTP version with which they
> are conditionally compliant."  Had I been aware of this I would not
> have claimed it had no discernible use.
> John Franks 	Dept of Math. Northwestern University
> 		john@math.nwu.edu

Instead of 
  "features not compatible with the HTTP version with which they
   are conditionally compliant",
that should be 
  "features compatible with a HTTP version with which they are
   not conditionally compliant".

As for the (solely?) - Roy Fielding wrote on Saturday in

> Unlike the server, a user agent cannot easily know in advance that a
> given server supports a given capability.  If a future incarnation of
> this WG, or some fool programmer who believes that adding incompatible
> enhancements to the protocol can be done on their own outside the WG,
> manages to screw up the protocol such that it is unsafe for a client
> to send its own highest version on the first request, the fact that the
> server will respond with its highest minor version allows the client
> to start with a lower-version request and improve its later requests
> in safety.

Does that count?

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