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Re: 305/306

From: Ross Patterson <Ross_Patterson@ns.reston.vmd.sterling.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 97 16:04:36 EDT
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Josh Cohen <josh@netscape.com> writes:

>Here is a simplified 305/306 draft..
>* Scope is an 'advisory' scope, a client may follow it
>or may use its own, potentially at the cost of inefficiency..
>* scope syntaxt, no more 'reverse domain name', now its
>  just a regexp..

RFC 2068 doesn't contain a regular expression grammar, so of course one
must be defined before regular expressions can be used in HTTP.  There
is one in RFC 2168 "Resolution of Uniform Resource Identifiers using the
Domain Name System", but the authors seem not to like it very much -
there's a note to the effect that regular expressions are complex and
error-prone, as well as rarely useful.

Ross Patterson
Sterling Software, Inc.
VM Software Division
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