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minor comments regarding 12.2

From: Boris Bokowski/OTT/OTI <Boris_Bokowski@oti.com>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 13:41:41 -0500
To: <ietf-dav-versioning@w3.org>
Cc: geoffrey.clemm@rational.com
Message-ID: <OF5C336680.4A4F7B29-ON852569EE.005ACD7D@ott.oti.com>
I'm passing on minor comments regarding 12.2 from a colleague. Sorry for 
being so late!


section 1.2:
Word problem: error - reference source not found

section 2.1, third paragraph:
mention that the new version resource is a root version resource.

section 2.2.3, 2.2.4:
DAV:supported-method-set and DAV:supported-live-property-set should be 
protected properties.

section 2.3.2:
add: "This property is removed when the resource is checked in, and then 
added back (potentially identifying a different version) when the resource 
is checked out again."

section 2.5, postconditions:
change "a new version history is created and a new version resource is 
created" to "a new version history is created and a new root version 
resource is created" (add "root")

section 7.2.1:
"If the resource is associated with a workspace": when is a resource 
associated with a workspace? If one of its parents is a workspace?

section 7.7:
missing precondition: parent of null resource MUST exist (or is this 
covered elsewhere?)
postcondition: add "and whose workspace property identifies the containing 

section 8.3.1, last sentence:
change "was" to "were to be"

section 9.2, Preconditions:
DAV:must-select-version-in-same-history is misleading; you cannot select a 
version from another history, but you could select no version if the label 
was not found. The precondition should be 
DAV:must-select-version-in-history. (This applies to other sections 
listing the same precondition name, e.g. 9.6)

section 9.8:
This section only applies when the server supports the WORKING-RESOURCE 

section 9.9,Preconditions:
DAV:apply-to-version: where is this defined?
DAV:label: should this be DAV:label-name ?

section 10.2.2

section 10.4.1
should read: "This property identifies the members of the workspace 
collection that are collections under baseline control."
also: Can't the workspace itself show up in this list too?

section 10.5, third paragraph:
change "members" to "member"

section 10.5, Postcondition DAV:select-existing-baseline:
How does this deal with pre-existing non version-controlled resources in 
hte collection with the same relative name? The preconditions only 
disallow pre-existing version-controlled resources.

section 10.10, Postconditions:
baseline-controlled-collection -> DAV:baseline-controlled-collection-set
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