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Re: Tidy config files and retaining blank lines

From: Arnaud Desitter <arnaud02@users.sourceforge.net>
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2007 16:23:21 +0000
Message-ID: <a240ddd00711240823l42447aaev7155454664480b94@mail.gmail.com>
To: "Mike Breiding" <mike@epicroadtrips.us>
Cc: html-tidy@w3.org

On 24/11/2007, Mike Breiding <mike@epicroadtrips.us> wrote:
> Greetings Arnaud,
> At 05:25 AM 11/24/2007 , you wrote:
> On 23/11/2007, WV-Mike <notetab@epicroadtrips.us> wrote:
> > I was wondering if anyone can find what would be a representative Tidy
> > config file for the default settings of TIDY.
> Try "tidy -show-config"
> Got it.
> > If a config file is used will the settings be in addition to the default
> > settings, or override them?
> Override them (by definition).
> OK.
> > The only thing I would like to change is the way Tidy strips blank lines.
> > Currently, when I run Tidy it will change ^p^p or ^p^p^P to ^p
> > I prefer the extra lines in my mark-up for ease of editing.
> Try "vertical-space"
> I created a tidy.cfg file and tried these lines only:
> "vertical-space: no"
> All multilple^p were stripped to one ^p and text was wrapped
> "vertical-space: no"

I assume you mean "yes".

> Same as above.

Then it is not possible with the current version on tidy.

> How would I need to write it in order to preserve multiple ^p
> This is from the help file, but I do not understand it:
> "vertical-space              Boolean    y/n, yes/no, t/f, true/false, 1/0"
> Also, if I create a config file to include the "vertical-space" option, will
> I also then need to include all the options listed when "tidy -show-config"
> is used?


> Can one option be used in the command line?
> If so, will it preserve the default config settings?
> Something like: "tidy - vertical-space:xx xx"
> Obviously, this is very confusing to me.

Each configuration options has a default. If the user specifies a
configuration options using the command line or a configuration file,
then the specified options take the value
given by the user.
Nothing specific to tidy.

I suspect you want to use <p>&nbsp;<p> in you document.
As well, try setting to "drop-empty-paras" to "no".

Read http://tidy.sourceforge.net/docs/tidy_man.html for more explanation.

> Thanks,
> -Mike
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