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WAI-level A and general tidy questions

From: m.tarasiewicz <tarasiewicz@inode.at>
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 23:26:48 +0100
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To: <html-tidy@w3.org>

hi list.
i am using html tidy on linux i386 for merging a large amount of files to
HTML 4.01 WAI-level-A. i have some general questions on how to work in a
good way with tidy to accomplish all the tasks needed for this.

i found the -access switch which is not documented at all, but described in
a prevous thread on this list

just for understanding this switch completely:
-access 1
would give just warnings on level-A of WAI?

in general:
as far as i noticed, wai guidelines are processed by giving warnings about
e.g. missing summary attribute in <table> tags.
but actually i would need options to add or change specific tags, if there
are problems with wai-compatibility.

the "-notidy" option, as mentioned here
would be a very handy thing, as i would let me check the output file of
html-tidy for wai-compliance, and not the unparsed input file.

but to my questions:
1. is it possible, to have a wai-correction besides a wai-checking, like
adding table summary attribute with standard-text, if there is none?

2. is it possible, to set the lang attribute in the <html> tag, if there is
none set at all? the "language" switch has no effect at all...

3. is it in general possible with tidy, to create other mappings or
rulesets, about how tags are processed?
i mean replacing tags for example, or adding attributes, etc.

thanks in advance,
matthias tarasiewicz

"i would like to go home, but unfortunately, i'm already there!"
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