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Tidy project user contributions Tracker now available

From: Terry Teague <terry_teague@users.sourceforge.net>
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2002 19:47:45 -0800
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To: html-tidy@w3.org, tidy-develop@lists.sourceforge.net
At 10:53 AM +1300 3/5/02, Richard A. O'Keefe wrote:
>"Fred" said
>	Why not let Tidy allow me to code the "at" sign as &#64;...
>and Rick Parsons replied
>	I would support a request for feature to that effect.
>But (a) we don't need it, and (b) there isn't the slightest reason to
>suspect that it would accomplish its intended goal of defeating spammers.

>We don't need any feeping creaturism.  Tidy is complicated enough;
>things that can be done _outside_ Tidy using trivial scripts should
>be done outside Tidy.
>But should everyone be left to invent their own wheels?
>No, there should be a scripts/contrib/ directory with examples
>of problems that can be solved this way and how they can be solved.

I agree with many of the fine suggestions Richard has made over the years,
and to make the point, I have now added a Tracker for the Tidy project to
track user contributions :


And have entered Richard's suggestion for obfuscating the "at" sign, as the
first item in this Tracker.

In time, I suspect we will create a User Contributed Scripts directory in
both CVS and the Tidy releases. But I will wait for a few more
contributions before doing that.

Have at it (maybe someone else would like to browse the Tidy mailing list
archives for such suggestions...). Let me know of suggestions of how to
improve the Tracker categories and groups.

Regards, Terry
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