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Re: urgent question about Tidy

From: Gary L Peskin <garyp@firstech.com>
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 10:16:16 -0800
Message-ID: <3A5A03F0.17A8CBD9@firstech.com>
To: Chunbo Shao <cxs0187@omega.uta.edu>
CC: html-tidy@w3.org
Chunbo Shao wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> Great thanks to your kind help. I am heavily lost in tidy package now.
> Where can i get the whole class relation diagram?

I don't really have one.  You'd have to create this using a
reverse-engineering tool like Rose or Together.  Or do it manually :(

> I cannot see the
> relation among so many java files. When I see the two java example files
> to use tidy, it is not easy to see how they use tidy. Especially, Node and
> NodeList are interfaces, i haven't find the implementation of the methods
> in them. PLease do kind help on me.

These methods are implemented in the DOM... classes in JTidy.

> I just download "tidy-4aug00-1.i386.rpm" from
> http://perso.club-internet.fr/dpo/rpm/.
> I am using java on Linux machine. But, when I run
> "rpm -Uvh tidy-4aug00-1.i386.rpm" or "rpm -ivh tidy-4aug00-1.i386.rpm" or
> "rpm -i tidy-4aug00-1.i386.rpm", I got same error message:
> failed to open /var/lib/rpm/packages.rpm: Permission denied
> error: cannot open /var/lib/rpm/packages.rpm
> How to deal with this?
> Looking forward to your kind help.

Sorry, I don't know anything about .rpm files or Linux.  Sami?

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