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RE: SourceForge Project Approved

From: Terry Teague <teague@mailandnews.com>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 01:06:34 -0700
Message-Id: <l03130302b72fcbebca65@[]>
To: html-tidy@w3.org
At 4:53 PM -0400 5/21/01, Reitzel, Charlie wrote:
>Q: does that mean no separate lib to start?
>Besides the archives to thist list, I'm thinking we have some work ahead
>getting Terry Teague's Tidy bug pages and Dave R.'s "pending" stuff into
>Perfect Tracker (bug tracker on SF).
>Terry Teague's Tidy Bugs:
>Tidy "Pending" items:

Although I did lose a lot of my work recently in a hard drive crash, I do
still have current copies of source to my various implementations of Tidy
for Mac OS. I could provide source (to an unsupported command line version
for Mac OS, that I use for testing purposes) that has all the bug fixes
referred to by my "tidybugs" page above. It has very few Mac OS specific

I am at a developers conference all this week, so I won't be able to get to
it for a little while - do you want me to import/add it directly into CVS
at SourceForge, or would you rather do that? - I guess I could send you
"diffs" of my code and the 04 Aug 00 release.

I suppose I should look at what it would take to import existing bugs
reports into Perfect Tracker.

I imagine eventually more of this type of discussion will move to SF's
forums instead.

Regards, Terry
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