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Re: JTidy: Pb with enclosed tag A

From: <html-tidy@war-of-the-worlds.org>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 09:02:26 -0500
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zze-ethop balr102 <ethop.balr102@rd.francetelecom.fr> wrote:

>I have found a problem when parsing an HTML page with JTidy that contains
>the following tags :
>        <div align="center"><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"
>size="1"><a  onMouseOver="canceltime();act('r3');" onMouseOut="inactall();"
><a href="https://www.bdlinvest.com/prod/login.nsf/log?openform&login=1"
>target="body" >Market Watch</a></font></div>
>the error is :
>line 149 column 80 - Error: <a> missing '>' for end of tag
>This document has errors that must be fixed before
>using HTML Tidy to generate a tidied up version.
>The problem is caused by the A tag with no href. I have no way to change the

I'm actually familiar with this problem.  When I worked with Digital H2O, I
found at times I had to find a way to get NetObjects Fusion to allow me to
put handlers inside A tags, but the version the company had didn't allow
that.  I could put them before the tag, inside the image inside the tag, or
after the closing tag, but not inside the anchor.  The only solution I had
found was to tell it to create a construct like the above, starting but not
finishing the opening tag so that the tag would eat the "<a" of the
tool-generated tag.

In his saying he has no way to change the HTML I believe he means that this
is being produced by an authoring tool such as NetObjects Fusion through a
process like I described:  a lack of fine control over where user-generated
markup is inserted.  While that may be only one example, he may have
several instances of this hack throughout his pages.

How about a test to sees if the tag missing the ">" is the same tag as
mentioned after the "<" that triggered the error and, if the match, combine
the tags.  The browser in the example is going to ignore the "<a" and treat
them as concatenated with an ignored unknown attribute anyway.

As to NetObjects Fusion, I do not recall if a newer version is more
flexible in the location of inserted markup, but I do know one revision
comes with the additional baggage of unwanted ID attributes on everything
that change each time you rebuild the site.
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