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SSI support

From: Egor Shokurov <yeghors@netreflector.com>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 13:33:52 +0400
To: "HTML Tidy MailList" <html-tidy@w3.org>
Message-ID: <NDBBINBMLIIKBDLDEBJFIEKNDFAA.yeghors@netreflector.com>
Hello guys

I'm new in this list and may be what I'll say is an old grievous story discussed
many times in this list, but:
Many people use Server Side Include in their work, either in pure SHTML or ASP
or whatever. That would be AWESOME if Tidy could parse included files. 
My understanding is that it should not modify included files or, at least,
that should be an option. Good example of what i'm talking about is a
standard header and footer for all pages, looking like following:

<TITLE>Our beautiful site</TITLE>

<P>Copyright (C) 2000 SomeCompany Ltd.</P>

<!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL="ssiStdHeader.txt"-->
<H1>Welcome to SomeCompany Ltd. Corporate site !!!</H1>
<!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL="ssiStdFooter.txt"-->

When tidy parses this file you know it adds empty <TITLE> at the beginning and </BODY> at the end of file.
So I have to remove them each time I clean up my HTML with Tidy. I did not look at Tidy sources yet, but 
I guess that would be very easy to implement SSI support in it.

Any opinions how to do that without modifying Tidy ?

Egor A. Shokurov
Senior Software Developer
Netreflector.com Inc.
email: yeghors@netreflector.com
Phone: int+7-095-532-89-65
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