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using tidy in perl, no tempfiles

From: Sebastian Lange <lange@cyperfection.de>
Date: Fri, 05 May 2000 16:46:01 +0200
Message-Id: <>
To: HTML Tidy List <html-tidy@w3.org>
First of all, many apologies for bothering you with my assumtion of bugs in 
tidy30apr00 - of course it's working fine, it was just my own stupidity.

Anyway, the result now is that I have a working Perl function that can be 
easily integrated into your perl scripts... it is called with the 
to-be-tidied string and returns the tidied string, like this:

$content = &tidyString($FormData{'content'}, 1);

No temporary files are used, it all happens in memory. The optional second 
Parameter, in this case "1", permits to set a flag whether the HTML 
document structure is gonna be stripped off or sent back. In this 
particular case ("1"), I want to have only what stands between <BODY> and 

I think that's pretty much about it. Over the weekend I am taking requests 
from you, and on Monday/Tuesday I am gonna fix up what I made so far, add 
some meaningful comments and send it to Dave and/or the list.

Have a nice weekend!


Sebastian Lange
Maybe the first chat site that validates as HTML
4.0 even though user input may contain HTML codes.

Courtesy to Dave Raggett's HTML Tidy:
Received on Friday, 5 May 2000 10:44:49 UTC

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