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Re: Mugging of &Trade etc...

From: Bob Paddock <bpaddock@csonline.net>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 11:15:50 -0400
To: html-tidy@w3.org
Message-ID: <m0/x3UQy8I1L092yn@csonline.net>
In article <9908281037.AA13968@cas.org>, you wrote:
>Actually, using the &amp; in urls is exactly what the standards say to
>use - I just noticed this in the HTML 4.01 doc.  And in fact, I have
>verified in my own case that if I use &amp; in CGI URLs that they work.

I'll check my URL's closer, seemed to be server that didn't
like it not the browser.

>Now, as for the &trade;, then I suspect that special character is no
>longer a supported character.  I haven't verified it though.  Hang on.  Nope,
>it is listed in the HTML 4.01 entities, as is &reg.

I'll switch my &trade's to &regs then.  'trade' is listed in
entities.c of the source code but I don't know what that
actually means at this point.

Hang on, I just and went put "&trade;&reg;" in a page.  In
IE4.01 it is rendered as I expected as a supper scripted
"TM".  In both netscape 4.61 and Opera 3.60 it came out as
"&trade;".  All three agreed that &reg; = "(R)".  So I guess
&reg; it is...

>Hmm - Perhaps we
>need to build a 'test page' for tidy that includes all the entities, all
>the HTML tags (used properly of course).  That way, we feed it to tidy
>and if what comes out is still valid then we know tidy hasn't broken.

I would love to have that, just so I know what *is*

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