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From: Karl Prinz <karlprinz@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 05:37:54 PDT
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Dienstag, 25. Mai 1999

Betrifft: HTML Tidy Version 4/99

Dear Dave,

HTML Tidy is really a nice and very fast parsing and converting tool, 

But for me some questions are left:

When I use the meta tag "<meta http-equiv="content-type" 
content="text/html;CHARSET=iso8859-1">" to avoid the conversion of german 
umlauts, HTML Tidy ignores this and converts all of the umlauts (ä into 
&auml; etc.), is this necessary, as far as I know only the MSIE for Mac has 
problems with german unlauts.

As far as I know, calling a script has following syntax: " <script 
emailKarl(), updateDate()</script> TIDY alters this into <script 
language="javascript" type="text/javascript">emailKarl(), 
updateDate()</script>. This corresponds with the general declaration of the 
script laguage and causes no errors, but is this necessary for XHTML?

According to my humble opinon TINYs formating of the source code is very 
inconveniant, is the a possibility to preserve the formating of the source 
file in the destination file?

    Best regards
         Karl Prinz

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