[Bug 8862] 0 as a value for number-rows-spanned, or all?


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--- Comment #2 from Edward Jiang <ejiang@att.net>  2010-03-31 18:23:46 ---
This is a hard call.

I would recommend to support "0" only, although I agree that "all" is more
intuitive, but it introduces datatype inconsistency. Therefore, it would
potentially force some implementations to rewrite their current logic when they
parse the value of ""number-rows-spanned" and "number-columns-spanned".

E.g., an old Java implementation naively uses Integer.parseInt() to convert the
string to an integer, and ignore any value that's littler than 1. "0" would
still work, but "all" will cause this java statement to throw a
NumberFormatException, and it may not catch the exception yet in its

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