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Thanks for the reply Liam et al.

2010/1/14 Liam R E Quin <>:
> On Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 01:39:01PM +0100, Dave Pawson wrote:
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>> "distance"
>>    Perhaps better named as 'dimension', since that is how it is
>>    described? Even when it is a percentage this makes more sense.
> We'll consider it; note that the property is not naming a dimension,
> but is giving a distance between two points.

>From my tech drawing days, the distance between two points
was a dimension?

>> 3.2.6 Spanning cell over all row and columns
>>       Zero as a value seems to be a case of seeing a bad example and
>>       following it? 'all' seems far more practical and intuitive. The
>>       terminology for properties is becoming depressingly obtuse.
> Thank you - we agree with you.  Unfortunately, HTML already uses zero
> for this purpose; for now, we have noted this as an open issue for
> the next publication of our draft.

As I said, see a bad example and follow it!
Hope to see it changed in the next draft.

>> 3.4.1 fo:spread-page-master
>>       Very welcome!
>> 3.5 Bleeds and Trim
>>      More weak, old fashioned terminology? It may be accurate and
>>      appropriate for a typographer and setter. Is it appropriate for
>>      the user of this specification? IMHO - no.
> We do have requirements to support bleed and trim, coming from
> people doing that old-fashioned paper stuff :-)  The terms
> are standard in the industry and very much in use today.  Or
> are we misunderstanding you?

"The industry" and a W3C rec are not the same thing. I see no
reason to assume every user of xsl-fo is an ex type-setter?
  At least give us a glossary of 'old fashioned'  terms to
something more modern? Even if it requires a graphic to
explain it.

>> 7. Images.
>>    Ability to centre an image vertically on a page. Here or earlier?
>>    I.e. Leave a header and an image as an odd page decoration or to
>>    break some sort of page sequence
> Wouldnt you do this in the page master?

Just so long as I can do it... though generating a special
page master just for such an odd page seems.... odd?

>> 7.4. Callouts
>>      yes please! 'Ensure positioning, so I can label aunt Izabel and
>>      uncle Joe.
> Ah, 6.1.2. Yes, we don't have a good solution for this yet, beyond
> an SVG overlay.

x=horizontal offset from top-left of graphic
y=vert offset from top-left of graphic?

docbook has a solution, where the co xml:id='n' generates the location
of the callout text. Unsure if this would meet your needs.

> Thank you for taking the time to view our draft!
> The XSL-FO Subgroup.

Welcome, and good luck.


Dave Pawson
Docbook FAQ.

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