Re: Interpretation of relative keep strength

>One implementation enforces "always" by flowing beyond the context (in
>test file beyond the limit of the region-body) and respects the
>condition on the region-body as to whether or not this overflow is
>or visible.  As a result,

>I think I prefer that one implementation to the others, but I don't
know if 
>that is an acceptable interpretation according to the specification.

>Could you please comment on the two interpretations above?

Both the interpretations are valid and compliant.
The "always" enforcement is a direct consequence of what stated in:

"4.8 Keeps and Breaks

Keep conditions are imposed by the "within-page", "within-column", and
"within-line" components of the "keep-with-previous", "keep-with-next",
and "keep-together" properties. The refined value of each component
specifies the strength of the keep condition imposed, with higher
numbers being stronger than lower numbers and the value always being
stronger than all numeric values."

But when the situation is overconstrained, as in the case of overflow,
the resolution of the overconstraints is implementation dependent
(please see 3 Introduction to Formatting).

Fabio Giannetti

Received on Wednesday, 12 July 2006 15:36:16 UTC