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At 02:30 AM 9/28/2005, Manuel Mall wrote:

>This is a request for clarification please.
>The alignment-adjust property has the values "before-edge" and "after-edge"
>as legal values. However, according to the definition of these baselines in
>section 7.13 (7.14 in the draft) they are only defined for line areas. The
>alignment-adjust property is defined only for formatting objects generating
>inline areas. Inline areas don't have those baselines and therefore I don't
>understand how such a value for alignment-adjust should be interpreted.

The text is correct as written. The alignment-adjust property is used to 
establish the "alignment-baseline" for an area (see section 7.13.1, "With 
the "alignment-adjust" property, the position of the baseline identified by 
the "alignment-baseline" can be explicitly determined"). Section 4.2.6 
says, "each inline-area has an alignment-baseline which specifies how the 
area is aligned to its parent." In this case, the values in question 
specify that the inline-area with the "alignment-adjust" property is to be 
aligned either at the before-edge or the after-edge of the line area of 
which it is a descendant. It is perhaps confusing that the text in section 
4.2.6 concerning the alignment-baseline makes a reference to aligning with 
respect to its parent where, in this case, the alignment is with respect to 
the line area from which the aligned area descends. Note that the baseline 
referred to in the alignment-adjust property values is not a baseline of 
the area being aligned, but is a baseline to which it is aligned. Thus, it 
makes sense to reference baseline only defined for line areas.

>Thank you

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