line-stacking-strategy line-height

This is a request for clarification:

In 4.5 is says: "The expanded-rectangle of an inline-area is the rectangle
with start-edge and end-edge coincident with
those of its allocation-rectangle, and whose before-edge and after-edge are
outside those of its allocation-rectangle
by a distance equal to either (a.) the half-leading, when the area's
allocation-rectangle is specified
to be the normal-allocation-rectangle by the description of the generating
formatting object..."

Interpreting this literally would mean for inline areas returning the
normal-allocation-rectangle which have border and/or padding that the
before-/afer-edges of the expanded rectangle would 'cut through' the
border/padding areas. Was that the intention or is the half-leading to be
added to the height of the content rectangle and any borders/padding
therefore to be outside of that?

Thank you very much

Manuel Mall

Received on Monday, 24 October 2005 03:37:44 UTC