Extreme Markup Languages Conference 2004

Two kinds of information are necessary for human life
on this planet:

(1) Genetic information.  No batteries required.

(2) Everything else, i.e., civilization.  Batteries

Please be welcome to participate in the 11th annual

     Extreme Markup Languages Conference
-->  August 2-6, 2004  <--
     Hotel Europa
     Montreal, Canada

As always, it's a family gathering for
rubber-meets-the-road technical luminaries interested
in doing a better job of supporting civilization.  Come
share your light, and be brightened, too.  You'll be
glad you did, and not only because Montreal in August
is great fun.

Peer-reviewed paper submissions are due  -->  April 16, 2004 <--
Submission guidelines: http://www.mulberrytech.com/Extreme
(e-mail questions to extreme@mulberrytech.com)

Peer Reviewer Applications are due   TODAY, Friday March 26, 2004.
Tutorial Proposals are due           TODAY, Friday March 26, 2004.

-- Steve

Steven R. Newcomb, Co-chair
Extreme Markup Languages 2004 -- An IDEAlliance Event


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