Re: XSL 1.1 WD comment: The properties which may be attached to an F O.

Paul Grosso wrote:
> At 19:36 2004 01 14 -0500, Mazza, Glen R., ,CPMS wrote:
>>Hello, I'm Glen Mazza of Electronic Data Systems and of the XML Apache FOP
> Thanks for your input.  The XSL FO subgroup will be considering all
> comments in the formulation of our next draft.
> I've got some comments just from myself (not the group) embedded below.
> There is nothing non-conformant about an XSL FO tree that
> has any property on any FO, but if a non-inheritable property
> appears on an FO to which it doesn't apply, it will have no
> effect--since "applying (to an FO)" is equivalent to "having 
> an effect (for that FO)".  The reason it makes sense to put
> an inheritable property on an FO to which it doesn't apply
> is that such a property may be applicable to a descendant
> FO which will inherit the value.


What about from-parent() & from-nearest-specified-value() ?

Peter B. West <>

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