Re: Overlapping page regions

This issue came up a while back on the FOP team [1] when we were trying 
to figure out which region(s) (xsl-region-body or the side regions) 
should take precedence in the case of overlap.

If I may extend Ken's question into a suggestion for the 1.1 spec, if 
overlapping regions have a useful application (I'm unsure of any at the 
moment), it would probably be beneficial to define which region takes 
precendence, or perhaps better, to extend the "precedence" property to 
xsl-region-body for the user to define the "winning" region.

Otherwise, if overlapping regions should be considered a (recoverable) 
stylesheet error, then to add this to the specification instead.  In 
this case, how to recover from this error (e.g., always giving a certain 
region precedence), can probably be kept XSL processor-dependent.



G. Ken Holman wrote:

> Hi folks!
> Reviewing XSL 1.0 6.4.13, in particular the second note, I note no 
> restrictions on the overlapping of the body region with perimeter 
> regions.
> Is it considered bad form to do so?  I have a particular situation 
> where I wish to overlap a paginated flow on top and in the middle of a 
> detailed static background.  I am not getting any error messages with 
> two engines I'm using, and I cannot see any restrictions in the spec 
> to prevent me from doing so.  The extent of my region-before runs to 
> the bottom of the page providing the background upon which I flow my 
> content in the overlapping region-body.
> The nature of my question today is, is this intentional in the 
> specification to allow the regions to overlap, or is it a byproduct of 
> the way the specification was written?  Can I rely on no errors to be 
> produced by a conforming engine?
> Thanks!
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