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My name is Keith Callear,
I received word that you are considering an online `business.  But, let me guess:  You don't want to take risks with companies you don't know... Right?
Here's Your Chance to Test the Waters... & You Don't have to Spend a Dime!
Our company is CoffeeFair.  We are brand new and currently in “Pre-Launch!”  What this means is that you have a chance for an excellent position with Coffee Fair… and, in the world of `network marketing, getting  “your foot in the door” early is essential for the greatest degree of success!
CoffeeFair is for folks who want to generate income with very little effort or capital.  You can visit our site and decide if you want to sign up, at no` cost, by following the link below.


I want to assure you that I am not into high-pressure tactics or spamming, so if you decide not to receive this information, just ignore this email and you will not receive it.  

If you would like me to send you more detailed information about CoffeeFair just press send from this e-mail link. coffeemarket@getresponse.com  This is to receive more information. 
If you are not interested in `marketing and would like to just try some of the worlds truly finest gourmet coffees and teas, please take a moment to shop in our web store.  

Our coffees are roasted in small batches the same day your order is received!  And with no “filler” beans, it doesn’t get any better or fresher than that!  

Thank You.
Keith Callear

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