Re: Missing feature in XSL 1.1

Oliver Becker wrote:

> I'm not going to comment a possible solution, but to endorse Jirka's
> requirement I think it is in general necessary to have a facility to
> distinct even and odd pages in the region body. 
> Currently it's not possible to
> - use different start-indent/text-indent values 
>   (to align blocks on the outer/inner side of a page)

I'm not sure I understand this requirement or how it would differ from 
having inside/outside floats. Can you provide an example of the 
presentation effect you are trying to achieve, including the type of 
document this would be for (technical documentation, magazine/newspaper, 
invoice, etc.)?

> - use different borders 
>   (to create only a border on the outer/inner side)

This could be achieved in 1.1 using the change bar feature.

> - create different contents
>   (e.g. one icon for odd pages and another for even pages)

Again, I'm not sure I understand the requirement. If the icon is used in 
static text, this can be solved using markers and page-master-specific 
edge regions. Again, an example would be helful.


W. Eliot Kimber
Innodata Isogen

Received on Monday, 22 December 2003 08:27:37 UTC