Missing feature in XSL 1.1


I just finished reading new XSL 1.1 requirements material. It contains 
many really needed extensions, but I'm missing one very important one.

Even XSL 1.1 is not able (AFAIK) to solve quite simple task -- to place 
floated images on the outer side of page. In fact this can be solved by 
quite easy extensions. Suppose that XSL-FO would have facility for 
creating auxiliary XML document. You will be able to add elements to 
this document by some FO like

<fo:pin class="image" id="p023"/>

This instruction will expand to element which content will be actual 
page number (e.g. 42):

<pin class="image" id="p023>42</pin>

You will be able to use this auxiliary file for the second round of 
transformation and formatting. During transformation you will be able to 
augment generated FO with float="left" or float="right" depending on 
page number stored in the pin element.

This very simple mechanism have also other uses. You can easily create 
cross-references with or without embedded page number depending on the 
position of the referenced object.

Do you think that something like this can go into XSL 1.1?


   Jirka Kosek  	
   e-mail: jirka@kosek.cz

Received on Saturday, 20 December 2003 09:22:31 UTC