response to Comment on color applying to fo:page-number and fo:page-number-citation

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Thank you for your comment on XSL FO at

You asked why fo:page-number and fo:page-number-citation do not 
list the color property among its set of "applicable" properties.

Our disposition of your comment is as follows:

Specifying, e.g., color="red" on a fo:page-number or fo:page-number-citation 
is the way to specify color to be applied to the number.

Technically, however, this is achieved by inheriting the color 
specification from the fo:page-number or fo:page-number-citation 
to the fo:character objects, to which "color" applies", representing 
the page-number.

In other words, it is appropriate to specify the color property on
fo:page-number or fo:page-number-citation, but the reason color is
not listed as *applying* to fo:page-number or fo:page-number-citation 
is that the color property doesn't really *apply* to them, but rather
to their children fo:character objects (where "color" is listed as

The SG noticed that there were some inconsistencies in the spec in
regard to just what is listed as applying where with respect to other
FOs and properties, and we are taking a further look at the spec in 
this regard.


Thank you for your continued interest in XSL FO.

Paul Grosso for the XSL FO Subgroup of the XSL WG 

Received on Monday, 1 December 2003 15:58:07 UTC