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As you know, your comment at
took some time to resolve for which I apologize.

We agreed that the spec did not say enough about binding edge, but
we continued to wish to leave the determination of binding edge up
to the implementation.

We decided to add to Section 6.4.5 the following wording to the 
"Areas" section:


The page-viewport-areas identify one of the sides as a page binding edge. 
This recommendation does not specify the mechanism for selecting which side 
is the page binding edge.


If the User Agent can determine that the result is to be bound, then the 
page binding edge of any given page is the edge on which that page is 
intended to be bound.

Commonly the page binding edge of a page with an odd ordinal is the 
start-edge of that page and the binding-edge of a page with an even 
ordinal is the end-edge of that page.

The binding can be a simple as stapling or may be as complex as producing 
a book using an imposition scheme.


Thank you for your continued interest in XSL FO.

Paul Grosso for the XSL FO Subgroup of the XSL WG

Received on Monday, 1 December 2003 15:45:50 UTC