RE: [xsl] dynamic header height in region-before

At 08:42 2003 04 04 +0100, wrote:

>Ken Holman said:
>> At 2003-04-03 18:51 +0200, you wrote:
>> >       <fo:region-before display-align="before" extent="10mm"/>
>> >       <fo:region-body margin-top="10mm"/>
>> BTW, tools may accept the order above, but they do so 
>> improperly.  Another 
>> tool might reject the above because the order implied by the 
>> Recommendation 
>> is that the body is specified first.
>> Section 6.2 states the content is described using 
>> content-model syntax, but 
>> doesn't say that the order as expressed using that syntax can be 
>> violated.  Section 6.4.12 explicitly orders region-body first.
>I queried this the other day; 
>Question to the WG, is the order <emph>Required</emph>
>as per 6.4.12

Where did you send this query?  I can't find it on the xsl-editors 
archive at

However, see
for the answer to Eliot Kimber who basically asked the same question.

It is an error if an XSL-FO result tree it doesn't conform
to the content model restrictions in the XSL spec.

"It is an error" means that an implementation may (but need not)
issue a message or warning and may (but need not) recover in some
implementation dependent way.

In this case, I understand many (most?) implementations choose to
recover in the obvious way.  But Ken is right that you may someday
come across an implementation that rejects such a document/stylesheet,
and it would be well within its right to do so.


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