Re:RE: Missing XSLT stylesheet: correct behavior of UA?

> At, we have debated briefly on what 
> Mozilla should do if the server returns an HTTP 404 on an 
> XSLT stylesheet requested via the <?xml-stylesheet ?> 
> processing instruction.

>We have not yet figured out what the user-agent should do.  Can you >please advise?

>I think we will first have to figure out who "you" is. By copy to >Sharon: which group owns the support responsibility for ><?xml-stylesheet?>?

That's my fault, I guess.  I meant and the developers for the Mozilla user-agent.

>But I suspect the only answer will be that it's implementation defined.

I rather suspected that would be the answer... lacking further feedback I would assume that will be the W3C position.


Alex Vincent
Vallejo, CA

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Received on Wednesday, 2 April 2003 19:50:11 UTC