Re: <shape> datatype for clip

Le Friday 18 October 2002 16:03, Paul Grosso a écrit:
> Éric,
> I am hereby forwarding your comment on the XSL spec to
> the appropriate comments list for consideration by the WG.

Thanks Paul.

Another one that keeps bugging me :

The BNC production for a function call (section 5.9.4) is :

	[3]   FunctionCall   ::=
	FunctionName '(' ( Argument ( ',' Argument)*)? ')'

as you can see, it does not mention any whitespace, neither directly nor 
indirectly through FunctionName and Argument productions.

At the same time, in section 5.9.11, it is said that

	If the character following an NCName (possibly after intervening 
	ExprWhitespace) is "(", then the token must be recognized as FunctionName.

which explicitly says one could find white space. This is contradictory.

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