Re: rl-alternating-lr-tb writing mode (kind of boustrophedon styl e) writes:

> Boustrophedon. Some older braille texts have this property, believed
> to be easier and less work for the fingers.
>  Logical, but a real pig to lay out :-)

Is lr-alternating-rl-bt (as defined in the spec) Boustrophedon and not
rl-alternating-lr-bt (as asked by Oleg)?

I think Oleg is right in saying that rl-alternating-lr is missing from
the list, especially if there are scripts that use it.

Are the Hungarian runes or ancient Hawaiian characters in Unicode, by the way?

Anyway, since this issue is now archive in xsl-editors, I'm hopeful
the WG will discuss it.


Received on Monday, 7 October 2002 05:48:32 UTC